Made with green apples and ginger, Ginger Ade for Immunity Improvement provides a healthy, refreshing, and tangy taste.


Green Apple 250 g, Lemon 30 g, Garlic 5 g, Cucumber 150 g, Parsley 30 g, Kale 30 g, Ginger 15 g

#TIP Substitute red apples for green apples for a sweeter taste.


  1. 1. Use the apple as is. If it's bigger than the mouth, slice into proper sizes.
  2. 2. Peel the lemon, garlic, and ginger. Remove the stem of the cucumber and slice properly.
  3. 3. Wash the parsley and kale clean and slice them properly.
  4. 4. Juice all the ingredients following the instructions.
  5. 5. Drink immediately, or let chill for an hour and then enjoy.


The gingerol in ginger has an antibacterial effect and improves immunity. The beta carotene in spinach is effective for anti-oxidant activity and immunity improvement.


1 cup


86 Cal/350 ml


350 ml

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