Nutri Blender

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Nutri Blender

Simple, Easy and Speedy Small but Strong power blender

A personal blender, a health essential item for busy modern people!
The Kuvings Nutri Blender is a blender optimized to make healthy juices more convenient in daily life.

It offers the best premium juice with a powerful 1,000W motor with 22,000 RPM power to achieve a small but outstanding performance.  Meet the Kuvings Nutri Blender, which has a luxurious metal body design!

Metal Body Design

Metal body design makes it Elegant & Sturdy Design.
Looks attractive in Kitchen.

Powerful 1000-Watt Motor

boasts overwhelming blending with powerful rotational power up to 2200 rpm.

BPA-FREE Materials

BPA-FREE Tritan for the environment and health.

Nutri Blender


Jogging/Bicycle Tracking Convenient Portability
After the beverage is manufactured, it can be quickly and conveniently refrigerated without moving the contents, and it is easy to carry.

Fresh Juice

For your health, it is important to eat everything from a rich shell to a filling full of dietary fiber.
Six specialized blades blend the particles of the material more finely.

Clean Up

It is easy to clean due to its wide inlet and is located near the lid on days when cleaning is difficult.


The Smart Cap prevents leaking while pouring juice in a glass. It helps more than two kinds of ingredients mix together for richer and various customized juices.


Safety-lock system is equipped with a safety design which allows it to work only if the main and body and drum are connection precisely.


Using its built-in low-noise design, with a slow-rotating, special deceleration motor, the product generates less noise and vibration.

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