Natural Juice-based food colouring

Did you know that synthetic food colouring is bad for you?

Food dyes are chemical substances used to enhance the appearance of food, making it look better and fresher to attract the consumer’s attention. Food dyes are made from petroleum and crude oil. It is found to be toxic for human consumption. Food colouring has cancer-causing substances such as Benzidine, 4-aminobiphenyl, and 4-aminoazobenzene.


Food clues have many disadvantages such as:

  •   Destroy the nutrients in the food
  •   Can cause intestinal upset
  •   Can cause breathing problems
  •   Disrupts functioning of the immune system
  •   Contains cancer-causing, toxic contaminants

And much more!😣

We should always avoid food that has a high content of food colouring.

Homemade Coloured-Tofu Recipe



Many people choose to add food coloring to their food to attract guests and children to eat their food. Sellers may want to attract customers to buy their food as it looks aesthetically pleasing and great for social media content.

There is no doubt that food looks much more appealing when it has more colours or a brighter colour but… why sacrifice your health for the pleasure of your eyes?


If you want to have coloring in your food, especially to get children to eat their food, you can make homemade natural dyes from fruits and vegetables. Why choose food dyes with cancer-causing substances when we can choose natural food dyes from fruits and vegetables with health benefits 💁‍♀️ 



You might find it troublesome and messy to make natural food dyes. Some may think that the nutrients are destroyed throughout the making process of the food dye. No! It is not true if you use Kuvings slow juicer. Slow juicers do not involve high heating and speed; therefore, they do not cause oxidation, and the nutrients will be well preserved!



Why make homemade natural food dyes using Kuvings Slow Juicer? 

–  It is healthier than synthetic food dyes

–  It has nutrients from vegetables and fruits

–  It contains the soluble fiber from fruits and vegetables

–   You can add it as a natural flavoring to your food

You don’t have to worry about the pulp. Kuvings slow juicer produces juices with minimal pulp! 😋 In addition, the pulp which were removed from the fruits and vegetables such as carrots can be used to make other things (for example : carrot cake!🍰)





Would you still choose synthetic food dyes made from chemicals over homemade food dyes using fruits and vegetables?

Time to stop having synthetic food dyes in your diet and change to natural food dyes! Fruits and vegetables are packed with nutrients and fibers. Choose health over, not pleasure and aesthetic!


Here are some of the fruits and vegetables that we can use to make food dyes:

Red💓: beetroot, tomato🍅, bell pepper. pomegranate
Orange🧡: carrots🥕, raspberry + mango,
Yellow💛: pineapple🍍, mango, pumpkin
 Green💚: spinach, celery, kale
Blue💙: butterfly pea + water, blueberry+kale
Purple💜: blueberries, purple cabbage, purple carrot, current


Yes, there may be some taste from the ingredients like spinach and beetroot, but adding more sauce or frosting can cover it! On the other hand, juices from berries will definitely make your pancakes taste much better. There you go, colorful food to eat that is packed with nutrients and soluble fiber! Better presentation, more nutrients, and much healthier for your body!


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