With Kuvings, you can feel the fresh taste of natural origin for up to 3 days after squeezing the juice.

More delicious and stronger

Acidic, salty, umami, sweet and bitter, these are the 5 flavors that sensory receptors on the tongue.
The combination of flavors is more powerful and balanced than a centrifugal mixer

Centrifugal mixer


Vacuum mixer

Healthy technology

Vacuum technology prevents food oxidation and provides the highest level of vitamins and nutrients compared to our conventional centrifugal blender.

* Source: TMR Center, Kei-Myung University, Korea, Korea Institute for Healthy Functional Food Research (KHSI).

Nutrient Analysis obtained from Kuvings slow juicer

Report-analysis of the nutritional value of Kuvings juicer. Comparison of high speed juicer and slow juicer.

- The content of vitamin C in the juice prepared by a slow juicer
is 5.2 times higher than the vitamin C in the juice of a centrifugal juicer.
- Oxidation is another reason for low vitamin C levels

Flavonoid : Juice from a slow juicer contains 1.5 times more flavonoids than fruit and juice from a centrifugal juicer

Slow juicer juice has the highest fiber content.

The juice extracted from the slow juice extractor has the highest content of flavonoids as a result of the juice extracted from grape skins and seeds.

The reason for drinking cold-pressed juice is that in addition to detoxifying and cleansing the body, the metabolism absorbs all the nutrients and vitamins it receives.

Under such conditions, the body absorbs 65% of nutrients in 10 minutes.For comparison: if you eat the same ingredients raw, instead of drinking, you absorb only 17% of the nutrients, which requires a 2-3 hour digestion process.
After drinking a natural juice made by Kuvings slow juicer, the faster the cells absorb the vitamins, the more they recover and become more energetic.

The juice made by Kuvings extractor is better for digestion and absorption of nutrients

Cell nutrients are encased in solid cell walls.

Through the powerful action of the Kuvings juicer's motor, the cell walls are crushed and dismantled.

Cell nutrients flow into the sap.

Plant cell image(100x magnification)

Juice image(100x magnification)

Technology and Innovation

For more than 40 years, we have been developing innovative technologies to create products that are useful,
healthy and easy to use for the benefit of the consumer.

New O-shaped Flap Gate


The new 5th generation O shape flap gate is wider than the existing models for easier and fast juicing.

88 mm Feeding Chute


The 88mm feeding chute, which is wider than the existing models can allow to drop the larger ingredients without cutting, which leads to fast juicing.

Dual Safety Lock


It gets safer by attaching dual safety lock that works only when all parts such as drum, lid and screw are properly assembled.



Food handling elements are made of materials that respect nature and health.

ULTEM®ULTEM® is a high temperature resistant, high performance polymer used in the aerospace industry, certified by the FDA, EFSA, UL and JHOSPA.It is used in surgery, respiratory and dental care because it is not harmful to the human body.

TRITAN®TRITAN® is a FDA, EFSA, UL, NSF food safety certified, BPA-free recycling resin.It is also used in medical and children's equipment because it is non-toxic to the human body.

Silence and Technology

Quiet operation

The low rotation speed of the brushless motor of the Kuvings juicer
produces very little noise and operates without vibration.

Innovative technology

The 3D-Moving technology of our vacuum mixers rotates 6 hardened steel blades in three
dimensions to obtain a homogeneous, consistent mixture based on fine particles.

Modern Design

What we want from a durable appliance is that the design is also durable.
Kuvings appliances stand out with their clean, modern design ....
International design awards judges and specialized magazines think so.