How to Properly Use the Smoothie Strainer

Change up your juicing routine by popping in the smoothie strainer for something new and refreshing. The Kuvings smoothie strainer is compatible with all vertical slow juicers and is beyond easy to use.
All Kuvings vertical slow juicers are compatible with the smoothie strainer. The smoothie strainer is included when purchasing our EVO820 series; and, can be an additional purchase with our C7000, B6000, and Silent Juicer. It’s simple to use and makes delicious fruit smoothies!

About the Smoothie Strainer

Apart from being different colors, the smoothie strainer looks similar to the juicing strainer at first glance. Same shape, small holes, and pops into the same spot in the juicer. The difference is the size of the holes along the side and the number of holes on the bottom. The larger holes in the smoothie strainer allow for the ingredients to come out thicker than how a juice would.There’s a rubber plug that plugs the hole in the juicer where juice pulp would normally extract from. This ensures all fruit ingredients get crushed and mixed up so you get that yummy smoothie texture.

How to Use the Strainer & Create the Perfect Smoothie

This is our curated guide in creating the perfect smoothie for you to enjoy.
Two Cups of Smoothie
The bowl, which mixes all the fruit ingredients together, has a capacity of 400ml. This size allows approximately two cups of smoothie to be made each session. This will ensure you’re getting the smoothest and most creamy smoothie possible. We strongly encourage keeping the smart cap closed for each session so you’re thoroughly crushing and mixing your ingredients.

One Cup of Liquid
For each session, add at least 1 cup of liquid first. Doing so will ensure each ingredient added is smoothed out consistently from the liquid in the bowl.

Small Portions at a Time
Remove hard seeds, pits and any peels. Insert small portions of ingredients at a time. This will ensure the auger can focus on each portion, crushing ingredients so no chunks are missed.

One Cup Loose Greens
Limit your smoothie recipe to one cup of loose greens per session. Vegetable stems and celery should not be used with the smoothie strainer.

Soft Ingredients
Start with soft ingredients first.

Hard Ingredients
Finish making your smoothie by inserting your hard ingredients. Hard ingredients will help scoop up and bring down anything left from the soft ingredients.

Frozen Ingredients
When using frozen ingredients, make sure to thaw them for at least 10 minutes beforehand. Having some frozen ingredients in your smoothie will ensure a delicious icy thick texture.

Leftover Pulp
You’re done making your smoothie, you pull everything apart, and all you can see is leftover pulp. Please, don’t stress! This is 100% normal. Your smoothie strainer is not defective, it is working how it should.


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