The easiest way to detoxify! Drink Cherry Oat Smoothie.


Cherries 80 g, Oats 100 g, Raisins 20 g, Coconut Milk 250 g, Vegetable Sprouts 50 g

#TIPSoak oats in water before blending; the remaining pulp can be used as massage pack.


  1. 1. Remove the seeds of cherries and wash the oats clean and soak in water.
  2. 2. Wash the vegetable sprouts clean and drain.
  3. 3. Insert the smoothie strainer, put all ingredients, and blend thoroughly.
  4. 4. Drink immediately, or let chill for an hour and then enjoy.


The quercetin and anthocyanin in cherries help detoxify your body by removing harmful substances such as heavy metals and nicotine in the blood.


1 cup


390.5 Cal/350 ml


350 ml

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