The ‘Rolls Royce of juicers’ can make smoothies, nut butters and more The Kuvings Revo 830 is a serious addition to your kitchen countertop.


*BY EMMA GRITT : Acting Executive Digital Editor of Women’s Health UK.


Opening the box, I was almost in tears. Inside was a Kuvings Revo 830, or, as I would describe it, ‘the Rolls Royce of Juicers’.


I have been a passionate juicer for almost half my life, buying my first one when I was about 22. My original attraction to juicing – which stemmed from a desire to make refreshing strawberry daiquiris (lol) – evolved over time, the fruity, sticky concoctions being replaced by green juices as I developed an interest in the Elle McPherson-approved Alkaline Diet, and later until the present day, for knocking up a near-daily celery juice.

In between I’ve delved in to juicing whole, raw, beetroots (great for getting rid of a hangover asap if you can stomach the smell), carrots (the pulp is *chef’s kiss* for incredibly moist carrot cakes), and for a while, I was even knocking back broccoli and spinach juice as I ‘investigated’ if a cold juice was akin to a hot soup (do not recommend).


Over the years, centrifugal, masticating, and cold press juicers have found their way onto my countertop – but getting my mitts on a Kuvings was always the dream.


I’ve been using the Kuvings REVO830 regularly for the last six weeks. Here’s my honest review…


What’s so special about the Kuvings REVO830?


According to the experts at UK Juicers, it is regarded as the best celery juicer on the market, which is what I was most excited about, but it also has several attachments that elevates it above being simply a cold press juicer.


These are :

– Smoothie strainer (The part name is “Smoothie filter” in Kuvings Germany)

– Citrus juicer (Citrus Attachment in the KuvingsUSA, ZITRUSPRESSE in Kuvings Germany)

– The Homogenizer – for ‘ice cream’ and fresh nut butter/milk (Sorbet filter in Kuvings Germany, Blank Strainer in Kuvings USA)

– It features two chutes, one which is large enough for an entire apple, and a longer one ideal for carrots and celery.


The juicer is built around a central ‘screw’ which feeds items through the top of the machine in to the central juicing chamber. It’s incredibly strong and also acts as a ‘chopper’, breaking fruit and vegetables into smaller pieces, and eliminating the need to cut them up beforehand.


It doesn’t take up much room, either. Unlike some other juicers which have a horizontal footprint, the Kuvings REVO830 is straight up and down. And, as it can also juice grapefruits, oranges and lemons, it means you can get rid of any other citrus juicer you might have, saving you even more cupboard or countertop space.

Is it good for celery juice?


I have seen many juicers struggle with sticks of crunchy, sinewy celery – and almost choked on random strands of veggie fibre. I can say, hand on heart, that this didn’t happen at all while juicing celery with the Kuvings REVO830.


Does it make good smoothies?


As I learnt all those years ago as I juiced punnet after punnet of strawberries during my ‘fresh daiquiri phase’, there’s not much juice in berries. But when it comes to smoothies… they’re ideal.


Using the smoothie strainer attachment, all I had to do was add in 200ml of almond milk before adding in a handful of strawbs (normal red ones, not the white ones from M&S) and some chopped banana.


It was delicious and ready in seconds.


Is it easy to clean?


Juicers are notoriously tiresome to clean after use, and despite my adoration, the Kuvings is no different. Due to having some elements made from BPA-free plastic, it is not dishwasher-safe, but it comes with a handy cleaning gadget to scrub off any clumps of food or residue after use.


My final verdict?


The Kuvings REVO830 is not cheap. But, looking back over my lifetime of juicing, I have spent more than twice that on cheaper models that have burnt out, cracked or lost their power.


The added attachments to create smoothies, nut milk and butters, and sorbets, opens up the opportunity to get more creative and use it for more than just a fresh, enzyme-rich fresh juice.


If you’re serious about juicing for health and are looking for a chunky, reliable and powerful machine that can keep up with you, then this is a great option.


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