On the occasion of its 45th anniversary, Kuvings, a leading healthy kitchen appliance brand, has unveiled a commemorative slogan and emblem.


The diagonal and straight elements in the combination of the number 4 symbolize Kuvings’ upward trajectory and endless progress. The diagonal represents the brand’s rise, while the straight line represents a leap forward and a hopeful spirit of venturing towards a new future.


The slogan, “Kuvings’ past 45 years, embracing the next 100 years,” conveys gratitude to customers who have supported Kuvings thus far and signifies the company’s commitment to continue growing together with its customers.


A representative from Kuvings stated, “We are unveiling the commemorative slogan and emblem in celebration of our 45th anniversary. Based on the emblem that encapsulates Kuvings’ future and aspirations, we will strive to be a company that continues to grow alongside our customers.”

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