Kuvings Revo830 In Depth Review


When we tested the Kuvings Revo830 against other leading cold press juicers we were surprised that it actually produced more juice under controlled conditions. We had assumed that masticating juicer efficiency was by now reaching its upper limit but we were wrong.


With single auger juicers like the Kuvings Revo830, juice extraction is achieved with a rotating crushing and grinding force against a metal filter screen. The auger or screw breaks the ingredients into ever smaller pieces by drawing the produce further along the screw, until you end up with a paste as it goes through the high pressure pressing stage near the fine end of the filter. It’s this grinding and rubbing together of the plant material that releases the cellular nutrients, to give better cold press extraction of a more nutritious juice. As you can imagine, there are large forces involved, so the juicer needs to be tough.


Kuvings Revo830 CloseupTo design a juicer that works like this, there always has to be a compromise between a number of factors to get it just right. The material of the auger and the screen must be strong enough but flexible enough to cope with the crushing forces. The motor needs to have enough torque to drive the produce into the ever decreasing space where the juice is extracted. And the whole thing has to work under extreme pressure inside the guts of it without the juicer destroying itself. No mean feat.



How We Test Juicers


This is a touchy subject for us. We get triggered by some of the tests we see published in videos, where so-called ‘experts’ are perhaps motivated to favour one juicer over another rather than being as objective as possible.

Sometimes what we see looks like obvious misdirection, and other times the manipulation of what we are viewing is too subtle for the untrained eye, so people take it in good faith.


We test under controlled conditions using single ingredients at a time, from the same batch, weighed to the gram. We sieve the juice to make an objective assessment of how much pulp has made it through the juice outlet instead of the pulp outlet. Then we don’t just measure the volume of the juice, we weigh it to the gram in order to eliminate any errors that may happen with the calibration of different measuring jugs.


Kuvings Revo830 Juice Test Results


Using our strict testing criteria with the same batch of ingredients, in this case a uniform batch of carrots, we tested the Kuvings Revo830 against its three closest rivals in terms of premium slow juicer technology. We sieved the juice in each case, we measured the volume, and then we weighed the juice to confirm. The Revo got 2.9%; 3.5% and 4.1% more juice than it’s three closest rivals respectively. This means that over time, the Revo is likely to give you better value for money on juicing ingredients.


If you are looking for very high juice yield – who isn’t? – the Kuvings Revo830 is in our opinion the best performing vertical slow juicer yet. But it has more than pure performance as a winning feature…


The Kuvings Revo830 offers two incremental but genuine improvements that set it apart from other vertical slow juicers. It saves greatly on time that is usually spent prepping ingredients, and it extracts a bit more juice.


It’s expensive, but you get what you pay for. With rampant inflation as we get into 2023, we anticipate more price increases on our juicers so it’s perhaps a good thing that the less often used accessories are optional, rather than included. The Revo will also eventually pay you back with both reliability and reduced ingredient waste. Then again, if you compare the contribution it can make to a healthy lifestyle to that of a coffee machine, it’s not so expensive really.


We wonder what’s next around the corner with slow juicer design? For now, although it’s a close race, in our opinion the Kuvings Revo830 is ahead by a nose. Buy with confidence.


*Source : https://www.ukjuicers.com/info/kuvings-revo830-in-depth-review

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