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Kuvings' Greek Yogurt&Cheese Maker and EVO820 Juicer are gaining attention as they were featured on Fuji TV’s “EXITV” in Japan on the 6th. “EXITV” is a talk show hosted by two famous Japanese comedians, “EXIT.”

“EXITV” highlighted the convenience of the whole-fruit juicer by extracting oranges and carrots as a whole using Kuvings EVO820 premium juicer. In addition, they demonstrated how to make yogurt using the Greek Yogurt&Cheese Maker easily at home.

With increased global interest in wellness due to COVID-19, more consumers are seeking fermented food and health appliances.

Kuvings’ Greek Yogurt&Cheese Maker is becoming popular in Korea, Germany, and France as well. Consumers can easily make more than 100 fermented foods, such as cheese, yogurt, pickles, and cheonggukjang at home using the product. The model recently launched in Korea and Japan has a four-hour-lasting rapid mode, reducing the lead time by half from eight to four hours.

In addition, Kuvings Greek Yogurt&Cheese Maker has been featured in the web magazine of “Kansai Electric Power Company,” the flagship power company in Kansai, Japan.

A Kuvings’ official said: “More consumers are choosing easy-to-use home appliances for a healthy lifestyle.” “We are committed to continuing research and development to lead to a healthy culture in the world. We will keep providing customers with more innovative products,” he added.

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